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AmpifiU is a social networking platform designed to bridge the gap between college students and their first chosen job. Our platform utilizes a proprietary algorithm, coupled with proven concepts of social networking to merge student information and employer requirements to find a better career fit.

Learn, Share, Create

User content allows you to create a customized Personal Learning Network based on like interests and passions with other students and mentors along your career path. Write your own blog, share your thesis or project with peers and engage with employers across the AmpifiU network. With these elements working together, AmpifiU will enhance the traditional resume with a complete and holistic view of the knowledge, skill sets, activities, volunteerism, sports, passions and career focused relationships you have developed throughout your years at school.

Find a Better Fit

AmpifiU will enable greater communication between employers and students to facilitate better employment fit. AmpifiU is a channel for employers find the right entry-level candidate for open positions, increasing entry-level engagement, decreasing the cost of hire and the reducing the time to rehire. By focusing on students and structuring data and content in an easy to consume format, AmpifiU better serves the needs of the talent acquisition community and helps guide student career path development. Students will better understand the experience and criteria employers are seeking and can plan their studies and activities to match.

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